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motorcycle radar Radar Roy's Super Stealth Bike Challenge!
Motorcycle Laser Jammers
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Front Jammer Rear Jammer
Front Jammer Rear Jammer
"Once your shot you're got"
If you only depend upon a radar/laser detector and the officer shoots you with laser --> you're got!

Police Laser pinpoints bikes
Police laser guns transmit a precise infrared stream of light pulses and can pinpoint a motorcycle in a group, radar guns can't do this!

The beam of light that hits your motorcycle or car is only 18" wide if the officer is 500 feet away. Unless this 18" beam of light is also aimed at your detector, it will never go off. And if it did, too late, the officer already got your speed locked into his gun.

Radar Roy's Revenge: Blinder HP-905 Active Laser Jammer
To combat this issue, Radar Roy chose a Blinder HP-905 active laser jammer for the Stealth Street Bike.

Mounting one control head in the front, just under the headlights and one control head over the rear license plate, Radar Roy has full protection to front and rear against every police laser gun in use today!

The controller of the Blinder is not waterproof, so it is installed under the seat. Power to the controller is provided through the R1's auxiliary power connector. The LED Alert Light and Speaker are installed next to the speedometer.

During the testing at Speed Measurement Laboratories, the Stealth Steet Bike successfully jammed all the laser guns that they had available, including the new Atlanta. For more information on the jamming testing report click here.

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